Welcome to My Blog!

Hello, my name is David Hamilton.

This is my first time writing a blog post, I am still trying to decide what all I am going to write about and how often I am going to writing.

I hope that some people are able to get something out of my blog and I am able to bring some useful information.

This site was made with Jekyll and Foundation by Zurb. I started by cloning daigofuji's jekyll-foundation-6-starter repository off of GitHub to get base to build off of.

This is my first attempt at building a site using them. I am going to be making tweaks and changes to the site as I get a better understanding of them. Overall it has not been that hard to get it all put together. I ran into an issue with my styling not appearing with custom permalinks. It was due to not having the site URL defined when making the call for the JS and CSS.